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XTEND2WEB tsProtect v3.3 released

XTEND2WEB tsProtect - XTEND2WEB tsProtect provides an effective solution for protecting your company from unwanted access to exposed data. XTEND2WEB tsProtect allows you to set policy for any number of folder's on your system to manage any file types you'd like. You can decide to have certain files automatically deleted, moved or hidden.

Bring your company into compliance, protect sensitive data and gain the confidence of knowing this exposure is being automatically managed.

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  • tsProtect

    Electronic files potentially contain a great deal of private information about staff and customers, from Social Security numbers and salary to bank account numbers and medical records. State and federal laws place strict limits on who may access these records and the reasons for such access.…

  • reporter

    Cloud-based viewing, scheduling and distribution software for your Crystal Reports. Run, schedule and distribute reports…

  • sqlfi

    Automatically synchronize your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate data folder to Microsoft SQL. Syncronize multiple data folders…

  • asap

    Manage, track, approve and process all your Sage 300 Accounts Payable invoices via the web using any computer…

  • time

    Time brings Sage 300 time collection, approvals and processing to the web using any web browser…

tsProtect demonstration webinar
tsProtect demonstration webinar

see how easy it is to use tsProtect in our online webinar


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New Version Release

XTEND2WEB tsProtect - XTEND2WEB tsProtect provides a very cost effective solution for protecting your company from unwanted access to exposed data. XTEND2WEB tsProtect allows…

  • Daily processing exceeds 10mil. records!

    XTEND2WEB has procssed over One Billion Dollars and is now processing over 12 Million records daily. Our SAAS solutions and SQLfi products are processing our customer's data round the clock. …

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  • Reporter: latest version released

    XTEND2WEB has released the latest version of our reporter product. Version 3.4 adds several new features and an enhanced scheduling engine…

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  • Time reaches 3 million hours

    XTEND2WEB Time reached a milestone of over 3 million hours processed…

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